American Board of
Neuroscience Nursing (ABNN)

The SCRN Credential

The Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN®) credential formally recognizes the attainment and demonstration of a unique body of knowledge necessary for the practice of stroke nursing. Through this credential, ABNN recognizes nurses who demonstrate the attainment of this knowledge through successful completion of the certification exam. In the future there will be a renewal recertification process that relies on the accumulation of continuing education (CE) credits or retesting; consistent with established policies.

View the SCRN Brochure for more information. Apply online now for the SCRN Examination. 

The SCRN certification program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification, Inc.  ABSNC is the standard setting body for specialty nursing certification programs.  Accreditation means that a nationally recognized accrediting body has determined that the SCRN credential is based on a valid and reliable testing process and that the structures in place to administer the examinations meet and even exceed the standards of the certification industry from a legal, regulatory and association management perspective.  For more information about the ABSNC accreditation process and standards, please visit their website at www.nursingcertification.org.